Magnolia M.

“This is one of those places that you hope people don’t find out about because it’s too cool to be true. However, I want to recommend it to everyone just so they can get more business. The pizza here is surprisingly delicious. I say surprisingly because small neighborhoods like the one its in don’t always respond well to change, and ever since it’s opening a few years ago I always saw it as one of those new, glamified, fake italian places that never do well. I’m so glad I gave this place a try. And I bet you an entire sicilian pie that your local pizza joint doesn’t look this nice! From my experience, the best real pizza comes from hole-in-the-wall places with a fat paisano behind the counter. But these guys at Pizza Classica know what they’re doing. I love that the slices come out steaming hot that they give you that cheese-that-feels-like-lava-on-the-roof-of-your-­mouth-cuz-you’re-so-anxious-to-eat-it feeling. This place makes getting a plain slice seem boring! Skip the plain and choose the chunky, like Buffalo Chicken or Caesar Salad. Their Sicilian and Grandma are perfecto as well. I look forward to dining in one day.”

Tahl L.

“Best pizza. I have traveled to so many places. This is for sure in the top 5 best pizza in new York. You will not be disappointed. Get the sweet slice or the grandma slice. I got here at least 2 times per week. The food is excellent. I give it a 10 rating.”

Mike W.

“I highly recommend the Chicken Ceasar Pizza from here. I don’t know why, but it’s highly addictive and reheats very well. I come here at least once a month and always pleased with the quality and taste. Make sure you order ahead of time, it can get pretty packed and sometimes deliveries can take over an hour because of the shear volume of orders. If you order by credit card, they save your number and tie it to your phone so you don’t have to repeat the number every time.”

Laura D.

“Great restaurant! my husband and I eat there at least once a week. Our favorite dishes are chicken parm, eggplant parm, chicken franchais, manicotti, homemade chicken soup, upside down sicilian slice, mushroom slice, steak, sauteed spinach, classica salad, frutta di mare, shrimp oreganata. My school P.S. 7 in elmhurst caters from here also . The portions are big and the price is right! Service is terrific too. Benny is a wonderful waiter.He is friendly, courteous, and always wants to make our dining experience as pleasurable as possible – as do all the other waiters. We come from Forest Hills and no other restaurant there compares to it.”

Prince V.

“Had the Grandma’s slice and the regular slice. OMG! soft and crunchy. tasted very good and will go back if in the neighborhood”

Peter L.

“Me and my wife love this place. i would say we eat here maybe once a week. What we like the best is the upside Down Slice. penne AL vodka. Caesar salad and slice. hot wings are also really good. the reg slices are also some of the best around. Staff is friendly and fast plus the price is also good this is a place you must check out”

Arlene T.

“The absolute best there is! I have had almost everything on the menu and everything is fantastic. In addition, I cater an office party from them every year since they have opened and everyone in my office looks forward to it every year. They beg me to cater from them for everything! Rocco, Rob and the the staff go above and beyond for every customer! My absolute favorites are the flank steak, upside down pizza, shrimp fra diablo – I could go on and on but I will stop there. Stop by and give them a try, YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED!”

Sylvia L.

“Great food, nice staff. I love their rice balls and homemade cavatelli. Everything i’ve tried there has been amazing. I’ve tried most types of slices, veggie wraps, pastas. Def the best pizza place around metro ave.”

Carina N.

“I have had their margarita, regular and chicken caesar slice of pizza. The chicken caesar is better than the place by me an is cooked better and tastes great. Margarita slice was soo good. My mom says it is just like what they have in Italy!”

Nadine H.

“The ‘buffalo chicken’ slice and the ‘grandma’ slice are amazing! One of the best places in Queens for pizza..hands down.”

Mindy L.

“I never doubt a pizza in Brooklyn. But Pizza Classica is probably the best pizza I have had in Queens. It’s very close to where I live, parking is never an issue. It’s very clean, and staff is always friendly! A must order: Chicken Roll, Grandma Slice, Buffalo Chicken Slice, or Pepperoni Pin Wheel.”

Kokolynee S.

“Have only ordered out from here. Always get the same thing. The Grandma’s Pie. It is TO DIE FOR. The sauce is something otherworldy, loaded with garlic, basil and mozz. I only wish the crust was thinner and crispier. It’s a large square pie that never dissapoints. The pizza usually takes 45 minutes to get delivered. I did once get the carbonara here and it was just so-so. The ministrone soup was also good.”

Suriyati B.

“I haven’t been here in a while and I was missing the delicious pizza. I took my best friend who came up to visit from NC and we ate the chicken ceasar slice and WOW! Soooo good. I dragged my husband 2 times this week because the pizza is that good. Last night I had the grandma slice and I was once again reminded why I obsessed and went to this place so much. The guys behind the counter are really nice and they know my husband by name. Will definitely be going over there soon!”

Krista M.

“I was disappointed by the pizza in the Kew Gardens area until Pizza Classica opened by the Stop & Shop. The pizza is excellent! They have so many choices beyond a plain slice and all are delicious. I’ve even tried some of their plates, their chicken parm is perfectly crisp and moist. Their rice balls are a must try as well. The guys behind the counter are always very nice and helpful. Luckily the place is always packed, so it should stick around for a LONG time…at least I really hope so!”

Tabatha R.

“I found this out of the way pizzeria because it was in same strip mall as my fav supermarket stop & shop…and thank the pizza gods I did! They have the most amazing chicken Caesar pizza (makes me think I’m eating healthy even though it’s pizza)! And their sauces are delish..ESP the vodka & Alfredo which you can have with their great grilled chicken that is done with balsamic vinegar and super tasty! The service is always super friendly and accommodating even when we arrive late at night near closing…thanks again pizza gods for this gift!”

Irene F.

“I love this place. I came a couple of weeks back but they were closed for construction. I was so upset but am happy to announce that they are open again!! I’ve been here over 30 times and they are so awesome! I love the Pizza Rustica and Chicken Caprese. Benny is such a good server-hes always polite and on point. He’s very good with following up with the guest amd ensuring that they are satisfied. I met one of the managers (owner?) Robert tonight and he was really responsive and professional too. This place is just a gem – great food, great service, great prices – Simply AWESOME! Can’t wait to come back..! =)”

Mne M.

“The best pizza ever I love the buffalo chicken pizza, i’ve also ate many things from the menu other then pizza, capriciosa, baked ziti bolognese to name a few even the soups are really good love everything about this place the food the service the staff is always so nice place is so clean.”  

Mike K.

“Absolutely love this place. Service is fast and the food is excellent!! I go there at least once/twice a week. Get the Sicilian or the buffalo slice :)”

Alexander L.

“Pizza Classica is quite simply one of the best kept secrets in Queens. Excellent food and excellent service. Pizza Classica never disappoints.”

Lorelai L.

“Amazing food and service! I ordered catering for my company a few weeks ago from here and the food was incredible and the helpings per tray were very generous considering the low cost. They were very helpful on the phone what with figuring out how much to get and of what, and cooperative with my special requests. The orecchiette broccoli rabe with sausage was probably my favorite dish but the pasta bolognese was incredible too. I can’t wait to actually go here and try out more of their delicious food.”

Mishie M

“Who would of thought a place like this located in a strip mall would be this amazing! Grandma pie, Upside Down pie, and the regular are all fantastic! Tonight I had the whole wheat rigatoni with chicken, spinach, and tomato’s. this place is amazing for this area! The staff is amazing and the place is always neat and clean! They are expanding to the store next door soon! They are pretty amazing!”

Russ R.

“This is one of my favorite places. This is way more than just a pizzeria. This place has some of the best dishes. I would put some of their dishes against some of the top italian restaurants in Manhattan. The pizza is decent, not great. But the food is excellent. I have had many of their pasta dishes, chicken, steak and much more. Their salads are great as well. The service is excellent as well. Overall one of the best places to go in Queens!!”

Tron C.

“One of the best kept secrets in queens! Nicks may be better known, but this place is way better and reasonably priced. Rustica and Arugula & Prosciutto brick oven thin crusts are to die for.”

Donald O.

“Came for a graduation party and had a great time. Chick parm was outstanding and service was attentive. Best part of all a check made out to cash in a . Happy graduation card was dropped by the graduate and someone from the restaurant drove a few miles to my house the following day to return the card and check. That’s how you do business..thank you pizza classica.”

Alyssa G.

“Love the food here OMG. Every since this place opened I cannot order any other pizza or italian dishes for dinner. The grilled chicken broccoli rabe is my favorite with penne! I have dined there several times its always busy but great service. when you do order it takes a while though , I wait at least an hour but its worth it!!”

Elizabella C.

“Definitely a fan of pizza classica. Their pizzas are not the best I ever had but definitely closer to the tasty end of the spectrum. The salads though is DEFINITELY a must try. It really is their grilled chicken. I think they marinate it in balsamic vinegar which gives it a sweet taste. My boyfriend, who’s an absolute carnivore, will actually eat their salads! Plus it comes with all the fixings- their salads are not boring whatsoever, by any means. Additionally, their tomato sauce is probably the best I ever had. I love sweet sauce and pizza classica’s is definitely up there!”

Jeff O.

“Perfecto pizzeria. This is the type of pizzeria I grew up with – a full-service pizzeria with lots of specialty pizzas available, and all done right. I tried the upside down pizza, it was really soft and almost delicate. I tried the chicken caesar slice and I actually loved it. For a semi-purist like me to get a chicken caesar salad pizza, it’s nearly sacrilegious, but whatever, the blackened chicken was too damn tempting and I had to take a dip in the sin pool.There was also no sign on the entrance because of construction and it was still packed at 4pm. I think I hit a winner.”